Maintenance and cleaning


All our quality carpets are handcrafted made from natural yarn: NZ wool - linen - natural silk - mohair - merino - cotton etc.

Opening the roll of carpet

Do not keep the carpet rolled up in the packaging for longer than 1 week. Remove plastic and paper. Always store the roll in a horizontal position. Allow the carpet to acclimatise. Do not vacuum the carpet too often or too aggressively during the first 2 weeks after it has been unrolled.

DAILY maintenance

Your carpet will retain its beautiful qualities for longer if you vacuum it regularly. This not only removes dust and dirt but also airs and redresses the piles. Vacuum your carpet lengthwise and widthways so that the piles are thoroughly cleaned. A device with a rotating brush is highly recommended for carpets with pile height of max. 35mm. This guarantees an optimal result and prevents the formation of lines and/or footprints. A rotating brush element is available for all vacuum brands.

Complaints on delivery and other claims

All our quality carpets are subject to quality control after production. In the event of any problems contact your dealer and refrain from using the carpet. Your remarks will then be handled quickly and diligently. Visible defects on delivery (damaged packaging) must be reported on the transport documentation. Non-visible defects must be reported within 10 days following delivery.

Deep cleaning

We recommend dry cleaning only. For deep cleaning we recommend that you contact a professional cleaning company.


If something is spilled on the carpet you must act quickly.

  • Use a knife or a spoon to remove as much as possible of the excess spillage - always work from the edge of the stain in towards the centre.
  • Use a clean white cloth to dry the stain.
  • Dab with cold water.
  • Then dab with cold water.
  • Pat the stain dry with a clean cloth - always working from the edge of the stain in towards the centre.
  • Repeat the previous two steps for stubborn stains. Wait until the stained area is completely dry.
  • Make sure nobody walks on the treated carpet surface for at least the following 24 hours.
  • Never use soap or detergents.


Our company is not liable for damage caused externally and/or by pets.

Light colour differences

No compensation shall be paid for minor colour differences.


Our company is not responsible for optical effects such as shading. These are an inherent element of the carpet's structure.