With Architectural, we talk in textures. This line of pure quality rugs is organically composed in one colour set only. Simple yet sophisticated, Architectural carries no graphic designs or prints. We follow this flexible path as we offer the ability to have any rug adapt in texture, shape, size and colour.



Here at JOV, we have many colours standard in our collection. But if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can always develop a new colour for your special project.

These are colour examples, please note that colours can differ in natural light.



Some of our qualities can be tufted in different techniques than ‘cut’.  We have LOOP and DIZZY.

Dizzy is a combination of ‘loop’ & ‘cut’.


For SOFT we suggest ‘cut’.



Pile Heights

This yarn is very soft and glossy, but has a tendency to be lazy (to lay more flat).

High pile heights are not possible. If you would like this quality in a higher pile height, take a look at the Bowie quality.

12 mm
18 mm