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When receiving your JOV rug

  1. Do not leave your rug rolled up for longer than week after receipt.
  2. Always keep the rug roll in horizontal position.
  3. After carefully unrolling your rug, it is important to let it rest and breathe for at least 24 to 48 hours. During these hours the pile of the rug will find its original position again and the hard backing of the rug will have to adapt to the room temperature, in order for the rug to lay itself flat again.
  4. We advise to give your JOV-rug a good vacuuming session. This will remove all excess fibers and other fluff.

Attention: You might see some pressure points, also called shading. This will be more visible in shiny qualities than in mat options and will sometimes have the shape of a water stain. Luckily it is perfectly normal and easy to fix by vacuuming it. Give your rug a good vacuuming session and some time to rest. The aspect of shading will fade by vacuuming and by using the rug.

Daily care

  1. Vacuum your rug thorougly to get rid of dirt, surface dust and soil. It’s important to remove all dirt immediatly, so that it can not build up inside the pile as this will damage the rug.
  2. Make sure to vacuum the rug in many different directions in order to pull all the yarns back up again. All yarns need to be lifted and straightened. This will reduce the effect of ‘matting’, which is the flattening of the pile caused by foot traffic.
  3. Vacuuming your rug frequently will reduce ‘shedding’. With ‘shedding’ we mean the excess of fibers that the yarns are losing over time. All our yarns are spun from natural fibers, so shedding is a normal process.
  4. Chose your vacuum cleaner wisely. One with a rotating brush is the best option for our tufted qualities. For our rugs in loop pile and our woven rugs we recommend to not use the rotating brush. For these 2 categories we suggest to use a vacuum cleaner with a suction head.


We want your JOV-rug to go along for many generations to come. The most important advice we can give you is to VACUUM your JOV-rug frequently.

Stains, there are two different types.

In case of a wet stain:


Absorb as much liquid from the stain as possible using a clean towel. Use a white towel preferably, to not make any colour stains. Dab – do not rub! Repeat the process with the clean towel until the stain is dry.


In case of a dry stain:


Remove all other excess as much as possible very carefully by using a spoon or a dull knife.


In case the stain is still visible:


Try dabbing the stain with a wet clean towel. Make sure the towel is only lightly wet, not soaked. The yarns should not get through and through wet, as this will leave a mark afterwards. Gently work from the outside of the stain towards the inside of the spot.

Make sure to let the stain dry completely, only dry it naturally. Do not use any heating for this. You can help this process by dabbing the area gently with some dry white towels. Lift the rug a little bit, so that the ground underneath doesn’t stay wet.