The Studiopepe signature move


Earth’s most fascinating sceneries are conceptualised into three contemporary and organically shaped Landshapes pieces. From a cohesion of fields to a mountain range, and a warm day and night interpretation. Two out of three Landshapes rugs bring two colour variations.


A Nature’s quality

Nature colour-coordinates in a way that awes us all. She complements her colours with the best materials. Belgian Linen, mohair, merino and Tencel lyocell, wool/silk and New Zealand wool qualities are carefully sourced. We combined high pile to low pile heights to produce different dimensions.

And as for the forms of our rugs… Nature is never linear, so why are we? By stepping outside of the traditional form of a rug, each Landshape piece individually ignites your interior. It is art.


The Golden core

As a lake touching two fields, a brass metal disk connects different rug sets at the core of each Landshape piece.

The gold messing adds a three-dimensional layer ooz- ing depth.